myDALITE is a free open-source web-based platform that promotes conceptual learning. Its pedagogical foundations are guided by social learning and based on learning principles and practical know-how. It engages students in cognitive tasks that include written self-explanation, comparison and evaluation of explanations produced by peers, and reflection.

Peer instruction is an active learning strategy popularized by Eric Mazur from Harvard University. It involves a sequence of steps that promotes critical thinking and discussion through the use of multiple choice conceptual questions. It encourages students to first reflect on a conceptually challenging idea, vote, discuss with peers, and revote.

With myDALITE, teachers can use the same questions in class in polling mode, or assign questions as out-of-class homework through any learning management system. Teachers can peruse content based on analytics and get reports for how their students are doing over time.

myDALITE has a growing database of questions in subjects ranging from chemistry to the humanities. It is funded by the SALTISE/S4 grant and aims to be the home of an open-source community offering high-impact high-quality learning resources built for teachers by teachers. If you don't find the type of content you are looking for, you can author new question items and contribute to the ever-growing community! The current top disciplines are:


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SALTISE is a learning community that fosters the research and development of tools and resources for pedagogical innovation. It brings together educators (researchers and practitioners) and professional development personnel across the province of Quebec, and welcomes national and international partnerships.

The SALTISE/S4 project is a major five-year multi-institution infrastructure grant hosted at Dawson College. The mandate is to develop a data-driven platform founded on three pillars:

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